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Jan 10Out of the Claus-et
Jan 19He Got Lame
Feb 22Who Needs Drawings?
Mar 10¡Pescados del Mar!
Mar 14Coke Float
May 7A Fish Called Gorton
May 22Dream Lover
May 24Compromising Positions
May 29When LIfe Gives You Lemons…
May 31Hover Craft
Jun 5Hip to Dance Square
Jun 8Helping of Rhonda
Jun 12The Joke Killer Forever
Jun 14Heterade
Jun 19Waiting to Inhale
Jun 23Drool’s Gold
Jun 26Face: The Joke
Jun 28Feces: The Joke
Jul 10MammarySpace
Jul 12A Hard Shit’s Gonna Fall
Jul 17Pole-ish
Jul 19Coco Naught
Jul 24Spiffy Lube
Jul 26Straight Ballin’
Jul 31Workin’ at the Ol’Factory
Aug 2Sex For Money
Aug 7Melcontent
Aug 9Action Gravy #2
Aug 13Just Need Your John Handcock
Aug 16Here Comes the Hoff-Stepper
Aug 21Shits and Kins
Aug 23Space Invader
Aug 28Noodleism
Aug 31Beach Heads
Sep 5Maddened
Sep 7Stiffy Graf
Sep 18Aguilera’d!
Sep 20Pistol, Packin’
Sep 25Also, They Have Wee Man
Sep 27Deadmill
Oct 2Even Worse: Filthy Fernandez
Oct 6Word!
Oct 10Vortextual
Oct 12Only Segway
Oct 16Poultry In Motion
Oct 18Happy Birthslay
Oct 24A Financial Undertaking
Oct 26Friday Nightlights
Oct 30Cupsized
Nov 2Jagshemash
Nov 6Comic… on a Stick
Nov 8Your Pension’s in Heaven
Nov 13At the Monkey Starcade
Nov 16Dancing in the Stars
Nov 28Bioncrustaceans
Dec 5Make Clone Love, not Clone Wars
Dec 11Spew-Tube
Dec 15Mel-adroit
Dec 19Vocab For Cutie
Dec 22Coco-nuts
Dec 25Donnie Brighto
Dec 28Pot Luck