On a vast, banana-shaped space vessel stealthily orbiting the Earth, a crew of angry simians and their supporters plan for the day when they will take over the planet and then… the entire galaxy!

story-M&BLed by monkey Captain (Kevin) Meany and his trusty, lazy second-in-command, a sloth named Bobbo, the Space Monkeys seek vengeance against the even lazier, stupider, pop-culture obsessed humans who have kept them down.

Of course, they may be a little pop-culture obsessed themselves.

Some history

story-testinMeany was born and raised in a medical lab on Earth, the victim of cruel experiments that made him intelligent, cunning and unable to ever tell or hear a joke properly. story-ABMMIt also made him incredibly bitter, starting a fire within him that would make him vow to eradicate all humans, or at least the ones he doesn’t like and enslave the rest. Somewhere along the line, he gave birth to a child, the voracious Anything But Mini-Mini, through his ass. You kinda had to be there.

It’s unclear how Bobbo and Meany joined forces, but we know that Bobbo came from a disgusting, half-finished planet of sloths called Slaaaa… (they fell asleep while naming it).story-slaaaa Bobbo loves his Momma, who often sends him delicious teats.

Sometimes, strange things happen in their universe, like that one time a bunch of crudely drawn black-and-white fish took over their world. Or the time they went through a bearded wormhole (which also distributes beards). There’s also a gravy boat, Action Gravy, who sounds an awful lot like Batman.

The Crew

 Moon — Perhaps the coolest guy in the universe.

 Ix — His arms are sticks, his eye, precarious.

 General Bastid — He lost more than the war to that George Foreman grill.

 Dr. Mental — Zombie breeder. He may be insane.

 Hobo RoboNot that there’s anything wrong with his circuitry.

 Chad the AccountantDude loves numbers, what can we say?

 Murphy and Bartholomew — They probably bedded your mother.

 Lunchlady Rhonda — Only one monkey in the whole galaxy finds her attractive. Maybe that’s enough?

 Anything But Mini-Mini — Chip off the old Meany block. And dangerous.

 Zombie Monkey — Angry and murderous. But fragile.

 Moon Weasel — Loves hot dogs to an insane and self-defeating degree.

 Frank BratKiller of moon weasels.

 Action Gravy — He IS the night!… gravy.

Story-Character-Historian Ship Historian Genghis Rearview — He looks back to try to figure out what’s ahead.

Story-Character-Bethesda Chaplain Bethesda Clarke — Divinely bad at his job. Even God thinks so.