Tyler Perry’s ubiquitousness was inevitable, like the extinction of the dinosaurs and squeezable ketchup bottles.

I don’t know much about the man, but I know he works his fucking ASS off and that if you work that hard for that long, you deserve to have your name in front of everything you do. If he wants to do a Web cast of his life and write a segment called, “Tyler Perry’s Third Urination Today,” I bet people will pay to watch because he has spent years building that audience.

Which is not to say we should just let it go when someone starts calling his sitcom the greatest of all time when it just started. Ratings and “Best” have rarely, if ever, had any relation to each other.

Also, spoiler alert: it’s not the greatest sitcom of all time. Still, since we write a comic that is by nature science fiction, we thought it would be funny to allow, in the same universe where intelligent monkeys pilot space ships, a reality where Tyler Perry’s sitcom IS the greatest situational comedy of all time.

This is that world.