PJ, the one who draws this stuff, is still having massive computer meltdowns. Which is strange because as many computers as we have between us (I count about seven in our combined houses, not counting our work computers), you’d figure he’d be like, “Fukitol” and hop on another ‘puter. But each of our computers is finely tuned to specific purposes. I have an entire laptop that is used for nothing but Web surfing and recaps for Television Without Pity.

I think each of us has one dedicated “Porn ‘puter.”

So with PJ’s desktop out of commission, the many tasty PhotoShop filters and options he is used to employing with vigor are rendered “Surrender!” So while he fixes things up and tries to re-establish some goddamned order in his life, I find myself having the creative-brain version of what his computer’s having, only it’s not as easy to swap out a motherboard for my skull.

Which is all to say that tomorrow’s strip will exist, but only in theoretical terms, as in, “If you were to take the Feb. 9 comic (which does not actually exist) and stick it on a train (which does), and it were to strike an opposing train (which doesn’t exist), but carries a real Feb. 9 comic (which does exist), what would the psychic damage be?”

A Thursday strip is likely to be much more firmly rooted in our human reality.