I’m of two minds about viral campaigns — if it’s for something like a J.J. Abrams movie, where you know part of the appeal is going to be the layers of onion-like mystery and mythology built around something, then there’s some value to it. In fact, with some properties, that might be where MOST of the value lies.

On the other hand, after Cloverfield, I imagine we’re gonna see a lot of stealth marketing that is not done nearly as well and points to a product that’s not worth the trouble.

I seem to recall this comic coming out of the idea that we might have stolen an idea and then forgotten we stole it and tried to fool ourselves into thinking WE originated it. We thought it was funny that someone might be outraged that someone stole something that they themselves didn’t remember stealing in the first place.

That’s not the comic we ended up with, but sometimes you gotta make a few detours to get to where you’re going.