I haven’t been posting much here because PJ seems to do that just fine on his own, summarizing and explaining the tenuous floaty mishmash of ideas that resides in the space between two brothers’ thoughts.

The new wallpapers are cool if you haven’t downloaded them yet and there will indeed be a new comic tomorrow, being the usual Friday rotation. Someday, when the world is ours and we’re snorting blow from the chests of SM! groupies, we won’t have to keep reminding you, but for now we’ll keep repeating it: Mondays and Fridays for Space Monkeys! glory.

We’re still working on that domain name issue. I thought our ISP was stepping up to the plate, but they are in fact scratching their balls in the dugout. I’m afraid to go in there and even ask about it at this point. They might ask to shake my hand.