PJ is absolutely right. There is a new comic up today.

We had the damndest time coming up with a name for the more volatile of our two primary characters. It went on for days and then weeks and then, depressingly, into months. Our Web site and comic launch came and went and we still didn’t know what to fucking call him.

Omar: How about….? Shit. I got nothing.

PJ: This sucks.

I don’t even remember where “Bobbo” came from, but I know it was really early on and seemed to come out with no effort, like a smooth Ex-Lax bowel movement.

Meany, though. It’s been like giving birth to some sort of tentacled alien child. I think we had names like, “Cornwallis,” “Terrence” and others. How do you convey the name of a mean monkey, one with a bar code on the back of his damn neck, who has probably witnessed untold horrors at the hands of man? We call that “Meany.” “Kevin” for short.

Against my better judgment, PJ has promised not the usual two, but THREE comics next week. I guess he just plans to forego sleep entirely, just cruising past 5 a.m. and watching the sun come up as he huddles over his WACOM tablet, drawing space craters and shit. Me? My ass will be sleeping.