I did indeed keep myself in the dark about our update schedule, mostly because I wasn’t sure we could put up comics on such short notice. Doesn’t that involve quitting jobs, selling family members, eating Ramen for every meal? (If you get really poor, I hear, you have to start eating raw men for money.)

The life of comic strip squallor is obviously distasteful to me. That’s why I never invested in cardboard and exotic inks. And that’s why I leave the drawing to my li’l bro.

You would do well to follow PJ’s advice and download the newBobbo desktop images. I put it on my work machine and suddenly it was like a beer commercial in my office. My boss came out in a string bikini. Unfortunately, he’s a dude. For now.

Come back Monday. PJ promises another new strip and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand in his way. Hell, I’m not even within 70 miles to do that in person.