Hey, folks. I’m Omar, brother to the PJ, and we just wanted to thank you for coming in to be touched by our monkeys.

Wait. That’s not right.

We hope that you are as touched by our monkeys as my brother and I have been together for these last few months.

Wow. Worse.

Let us just say that we created some monkeys, monkeys in space, and that we hope you like them. We hope you like their new home, this Web site that’s been the subject of discussion for the last few weeks. Discussions like this:

PJ: How do I get the background to center off with the blogger template so the text doesn’t go way off on the left?

Omar: (shrugs)

We hope to get about updating the comic in a more timely fashion (I think we’re averaging about one strip a month, if that), and that you’ll keep coming back to see if the monkeys do, indeed, beat out the human race. There are probably maybe about five or six space monkeys and about 5.5 billion humans, so… we’re kind of rooting for the underdog.