My wife and I saw three of the five Best Picture nominees: Juno, No Country and There Will Be Blood, and of the three we probably liked Blood the best. It was just a big, brawny, brilliant movie with a timeless performance at its center.

Sure, it was a little weird and jarring and dark as Hell, but that was kinda why I was rooting for it at the Oscars. My wife couldn’t believe it lost to No Country, but then I have to admit that No Country casts a real spell over you and until about the last 15 minutes, you are completely in its grip and totally invested in what happens next.

And I did like the ending. A lot of people didn’t and I’m not going to say it’s because they didn’t get it. But I wasn’t disappointed or let down. I dug it.

So… I think we’re done with Oscar-themed comics. Unless we can find a way to work monkeys from space into a strip about Atonement.