Like Pablo said, I was at Disney World with my family shortly before he went to Costa Rica and even though I’m working up a big blog post about my experience for Terribly Happy soon, I can tell you that the experience was weird and hermetic, but not at all unwelcome. We had a great time and we hope to do it again someday. Experiencing the Disney thing with kids is both exhausting and totally worth it.

More relevant to this site was our adventure at Animal Kingdom, one of the less-crowded Disney parks where we saw a lot fewer animals than you would expect. We didn’t go on any of the safaris and our time was limited so we didn’t explore the further reaches of the park, so the bulk of our “Animal” experience there involved animatronic beasts, 3-D movie bugs and people singing and dancing in a Lion King show. Also, fish puppets.

We didn’t actually eat at Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom, but there it was at the entrance, promising a jungle-like experience that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t have held a candle to Pablo’s experiences in Costa rica.

We’re back to our usual three-panel comics schedule next week. Until then, enjoy Pablo’s sketch and these photos!

Disney monkey signage

Getting Disneyfied

With my folks at Animal Kingdom