I was lucky enough to get a Leap Motion device for review last week. It looks like this:

Image courtesy Leap Motion, Inc.

Image courtesy Leap Motion, Inc.

Not the whole computer, just that little $99 device sitting in front of it.

I’m actually working on a write-up about Leap Motion right now that I’ll link to shortly, but my first impression of it was very positive. It got a lot of attention at South by Southwest Interactive this year and it’s refined enough that using it feels like the future. That it’s hamstrung by some frustrations of the present — that we’re using computers at desks much less often than we used to and that the app selection for it is very limited — seem like temporary issues. You can imagine this will evolve into something even more portable and that the underlying technology will find its way into our lives somehow. Monkeys’ lives, too, if they’re the kind that live on a spaceship.

Plus, gesturing with your hands is just cool. Ask any Italian.

Edited to add: here’s the Leap Motion blog post/review I did for Austin360.