I saw Elon Musk speak in March at South by Southwest Interactive, and the impression I got was man, this guy is busy.

He’s got the Tesla stuff, he’s got SpaceX and now he’s talking about a fast-transportin’ Hyperloop, which he mentioned months ago but which was made more solid an idea recently.

A lot of people don’t know: the guy also has five kids back in Australia. FIVE. I only have two and I can’t schedule time to urinate. Apparently the key to this kind of parenting is to avoid some aspects of it altogether. I won’t pretend that doesn’t sometimes sound like an attractive idea.

Anyhoo, this Musk guy’s solving problems that we didn’t even know we had or at least setting the groundwork for other smart people to move the ball of progress along. I guess you have to weigh how much what you contribute to the world is worth versus how much you can be home and just be “Daddy” as opposed to “Daddy, who is also the inspiration for the movie version of Tony Stark.” Maybe you can do both in equal measure. That may be beyond my own abilities and financial status.

Oh, and the comic also features poop, which is probably a recurring theme in our work here, but in this case simply the result of it sounding good next to the words “hyper” and “loop.”

That reminds me. I need to go urinate.