I feel like the last panel here needs one tiny bit of clarification.  That get-up that Meany is wearing: that is not an exaggeration.

When Pablo and I went to see Major Lazer last weekend, we saw people (OK, just women, but still) dressed exactly like this. In fact, we’re being conservative here, we saw much more elaborate concertwear, stuff that in my 38 years I have never seen at a live show. Worn by people full 1/2 my age or younger.  It made me feel old and out of place, like a stone from ages long past.

The show was pretty great, but even in my youth I never really went to raves or what is now known as EDM shows, so I was in for a little bit of culture shock. I wish I had some photos or video to share of Major Lazer, but by that point in the late night, I had given up on trying to capture anything with my phone because I was in a massive cluster of shirtless, writhing youth bumping up against my brittle-boned body.

This was the best I could do: