The year’s not over, but this seems like a good time to thank you for everything that’s happened since January.

Last year, we decided to bring the comic back. That would be the easy part.

The hard part was building a completely new website, moving over an archive of more than 350 comics and blog posts, getting our space simians up on social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook), committing to a weekly comic schedule and fleshing out the world of Bobbo and Meany in ways we were never able to do before.

One recent change that probably nobody noticed but us: thanks to the help of a WordPress wizard friend, we were able to restore years worth of blog posts that previously were not appearing with the comics we wrote them for. There were many stories about where certain comics came from and extra thoughts that were inaccessible to anyone but us. The history of what was going on or what inspired particular comics, we feel, is as significant as the comics themselves. It’s our own running diary of working together as well.

In 2014, we have a lot more story to tell. In fact, a sizable chunk of that story is already written. We’re working on bringing something kinda epic to you. The comic is really just a part of it. Bobbo, Meany and their crew are as real to us as what goes on in our “real” lives. There’s more to come. Lots more.

Stay tuned. We love you. We thank you. Merry Christmas.