For those of you arriving from the ad we put on White Ninja — we welcome you!

We decided to advertise over there because we’ve both been big fans of those guys for a long time and because we wanted to see if we could expand our readership a little to include fans of other web comics. Plus any money we can throw toward the White Ninja Humor Artisans is money well spent, I think.

So far we seem to be getting a little traffic boost.

If you’re new here and wondering what’s our deal it’s pretty simple: there’s these monkeys. And they’re up in space. Obviously they’re pretty smart (except for when they’re being complete idiots) and they hate humans. At least (Kevin) Meany, their leader, does. Everyone else is just kind of going along with him. He’s very influential.

You can find out more about these monkeys on our story so far… page, which has pages for each of the characters and the obligatory FAQ. We have a MySpace page if you’d like to buddy-up.

You can check out the archive and post in our forum to tell us what you think, even if it’s incredibly hostile. We do comics about monkeys. It’s not like we’re not used to having our feelings hurt.

We usually post two comics a week and we’ve been doing this for over three years and more than 200 comics. Thanks for checking us out.