In lieu of a Spider-Man 3 review, I’m just going to list all the bad stuff about the movie since I think nobody expects to see some sort of Oscar-worthy perfect film when they go see a Spider-Man movie anyway. They go to see the action and the CGI effects. Rest-assured, all of that in this movie is amazing. Venom in motion is stunning. But there’s a lot of stuff in this movie that can’t be forgiven and keeps this from being the best of the franchise:


1. Not enough time given to Sandman or Venom’s back stories
2. Too many ridiculous coincidences
3. Too many bad child actors
4. A horrendous jazz scene
5. Spidey takes off his mask way too often.
6. Venom’s voice is not altered in any way. It’s a monster that sounds like Topher Grace. That makes perfect sense. And he doesn’t refer to himself in plural.

Other than that, YAY SPIDER-MAN!!