When we got that e-mail, lo these many months, I had to reconfigure my whole way of thinking. To imagine a world where I am the bad guy, the jerk-off, the enfant terrible assholis.

If was an uncomfortable moment. Then I saw a shiny object on the sidewalk and all was forgotten. I imagine it to be a Bush-like move.

Yes, it turns out that I cast evil aspersions on a perfectly fine product. If the coconut was indeed meant to look like an ugly (human) pirate, then bravo, coconut dudes. Good one. The monkey, as it actually exists, is quite cute and something I’d have been proud to have at my table. I’d have loved to have had a drink from its head. But drinking from the skull of a pirate is all kinds of issues… I would prefer to avoid that sort of mishmush.

Oh, by the way — my favorite part of that promotional flyer is the boy going up the tree to get the coconut. These things must take months to make.

Still… this whole experience will teach me to be careful how and why I rant. I could hurt a poor coconut-fetching boy’s feelings.