My wife and I saw Jackass: Number Two and the full theater I saw it in reacted perfectly to everything in the movie. Huge laughs, loud groans, squeals at particularly painful/gross moments.

This is the kind of movie that transcends “I like/I don’t like” discussion, as the critics clearly demonstrate. In fact, let this be a litmus test — you can tell as much about the critics from skimming through their opinions of a film like this than about the film itself.

I’m not even going to get into the “is it art or not” debate about a movie like this because it’s indefensible. When I tell some of my friends who don’t partake of this kind of entertainment that I was doubled over laughing and that I haven’t had a good time like that in months at a theater, they look at me almost sadly, as if I am missing the necessary brain cells to avoid trash like this. They are also aware that I sometimes watch Cheaters on TV.

Joke’s on them because I got to enjoy a hilarious movie that was worth two or three times what I paid to see it (at $25 admission it would have been a bargain), and they were more likely to have seen a movie that made them walk out of the cinema saying something like, “Wow… that Kate Hudson sure is cute. And it’s awesome that she ends up with Matthew McConaughey at the end.”

I was lucky enough to marry someone who’d rather see Johnny Knoxville fired into the sky on a giant rocket than see Sandra Bullock in a haunted lakehouse.