As is made clear by this unintentional mockery (and mawkery) of ourselves, there is only one person in this two-man team qualified to draw Space Monkeys! and put it online and that person is the other guy.

Here’s a helpful transcript for the black-and-white portions of the comic you just read:

Panel 2: Space Monkeys! By: The Gallaga Bro. [note: singluar]
Bobbo: Uh oh.
Meany: Uh oh is right.

Panel 3: But nevermind the change in artists this week! (Seriously. Nevermind that.) Bobbo and Meany had to prepare for the prestigious annual Space Monkeys Award Show and Gala™! It was coming up very soon and Bobbo and Meany were up for some major awards!
Bobbo: He shouldn’t use so much text.
Meany: Yes, he —

Bobbo: I hope I win most gregarious.
Meany: I have a lock on ‘Meanest Wart.’

Panel 5: Winners!
Trophy says “Worst Drawn”
Meany: But, really, haven’t we all lost today?

And there you have it.