While I may have ingested my fair share of non-toxic molding stuffs, I assure you I had no hand in delaying the process of bringing you this comic. I had my hand in the Play Doh containers, and then I had it in my mouth.

I thought that it would only be fitting to have this year’s Halloween comic be in clay; what with this being the year ofCorpse Bride and Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit.The NIghtmare Before Christmas has also cemented its status as a classic in the past year or so, it seems. I have a friend who loved it way before it was cool to love it (fuck you, Hot Topic), and I was always fond of it since Omar took me to an advanced screening of it when I was little.

Anyone else find it weird that Bobbo’s head is naturally similar to Jack Skellington’s and he didn’t need a mask?