Every time I catch a bit of that show there’s someone talking all tense-like and cold as if we really care who’s had their insides replaced by aliens or not. Either that or someone is opening their eyes menacingly while submerged in a bathtub right before a commercial break. Where I’m from (the mean suburban streets of Converse, TX), we call shows like that “where’s the remote.”

Guy: Man, have you seen that new show Invasion?
Guy 2: Naw, man. Why, what’s up?
Guy: Nigga, that show is where’s the remote. Gave me a boregasm or somethin.
Guy 2: Word…nigga.

So yeah, Meany’s looking a little different in today’s strip. I think I like this new look, and hopefully it will help me keep his appearance consistent. That’s always been a problem with drawing Meany. He’s gone through a bunch of different looks (mostly dealing with the shape of his head) over the run ofSpace Monkeys!

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I suppose the important thing is this new style is more fun to draw, and I think it makes Meany more unique. Maybe now he’ll lighten up a bit? Maybe? Oh, okay, fine.