Today’s comic is numbered, in this new-fangled system we have, “Comic 100,” which is a great number to be at, numerically speaking as it is a figure filled with portent and achievement.

If you have 100 of anything, you’re doing all right, unless it’s herpes sores.

My brother informs me, though, that we are not yet at 100 comics, despite what Comikaze tells me. PJ likes to count with fingers and toes and I haven’t seen his feet recently enough to know whether he still has 10 of each. Maybe he’s missing the piggy that likes roast beef and we’ve actually done 110 comics and just don’t know it yet.

Being that I take a FEMA-like approach to going back and counting through our archive, though, I’ll take his word for it and let you know when we hit that number that gives druids power and makes women moist with lust for Sirs Benjamins.