Blogger was being difficult this morning so that’s why today’s comic was a bit tardy. I actually finished the comic and had it posted very early, but I couldn’t get it up on our “Latest” page. I also couldn’t get a newspost up so that’s why this is even later.

Lateness isn’t entirely bad though. The day presented a nice, little nugget of comedy to put forth in yon newspost which would have otherwise been missed if the newspost had been on time.

After my parents saw today’s comic, my dad tried engaging my mother and I in a conversation regarding the undertones of the parental situation presented in today’s comic, which I thought was a bit superflous considering we were talking about a comic about space monkeys. After my dad explained his bit to my mom, I concluded it with: “And then the kid ate the teacher.” To which my mother replied, “I didn’t see that part!”

That raises an important question for you faithful readers out there. Are your fearless leaders in stellar monkey comics indeed comic geniuses? Or are we simply just our parents’ children?