For our last comic of 2013, we thought we would check in with the romantic progress between Meany (who is not very good at romance) and the lady he is fond of, Lunchlady Rhonda (who is disinterested, and that’s putting it charitably).

Our first new comic after our years-long hiatus was on Jan. 1, 2013. It feels nice to bookend a full year with new comics.

¬†I won’t go into a whole nostalgia trip or a look at what’s ahead for 2014. I did that last time. Instead, I’ll just leave you with the idea that New Year’s Eve parties thrown by monkeys in space probably get pretty wild as Bobbo suggests on Twitter:

And I forgot to mention last time that Meany has an Instagram account. It’s mostly pictures of monkeys, but hey, he’s an advocate for monkeys and a monkey himself, what are you gonna do?

Have a safe and happy new year! We will see you next week, in 2014, or as I like to call it, THE FUTURE.