Meany seems to have noticed something that we have known all along. “Arrested Development” is levels above all other television sitcoms out right now. It just seems to keep getting better and better. Just two episodes into the new season and I already want the second season DVD (I don’t even have the first season DVD yet).

You may have noticed the eerie Uncle Sam Meany handing out orders above the newsposts. That signifies our joining of BuzzComix. We just joined last night so we don’t have all the details worked out on how we’re going to coax votes out of you fine folks, but for now, we’d very much appreciate some votes from our loyal readers. The rules are that you can only vote once a day, and you can’t direct link to our vote off-site. So make sure you bring all your friends to this page for voting. If you guys make us proud, I might just have a little surprise up my sleeves.