We knew going in that the Moon Weasel was a sneaky, weasely character (hence the name), but it’s a bit of a leap to think of him as the layer of waste to civilizations, the armageddon-bringer of doom. But when your world is made up of frankfurter citizenry, you’ve got to sort of expect that someone in the universe will eventually come calling with hunger in his eye. Consider this part one.

The Moon Weasel saga will continue, and it should come along closer to on-schedule than we previously imagined. Space Monkeys! took a bit of an unexpected spring break when PJ’s computer continued to ass out on us for days upon days with constant rebooting. PJ bought new RAM, messed with settings, did all you could do short of replacing the innards, and then did a Windows repair install and, voila! Stuff was fixed. I strongly recommend it if your Windows system just seems really unstable. It’s usually a heat problem or a file that’s corrupted. Re-installing Windows, even a repair-install, which retains your precious settings, seems to be a good cure-all. Got enough geeky rambling for now?

We’ll be back, hopefully Wednesday, with more Moon Weasel. His tale is far from over.