Our gay-feline-hobo-robo storyline ends here for now with today’s comic, which reveals that Moon, while very talented and handy with the technology, is not perfect.

PJ and I are still futzing with demonic tools of Web page creation, stuff we maybe should have learned like in 2000 — databases, php and CSS. It’s a bit like learning to program your VCR today. There are probably better ways of doing things, I’m sure, but we like being behind the curve, like a blown out tire chunk, or litter.

We’ve begun implementing a tool called “Comikaze” to streamline posting comics and posts. We’re hoping that archives news posts will match up to their corresponding comics. One thing we haven’t figured out yet is whether we can still do comments on this new system since we won’t be posting with Blogger anymore. If anyone knows this stuff better than us and can tell us how to use comments on a php/css/database-driven Frankenmonster site, we sure would appreciate it.

Unless you think comments are useless anyway and that it’s better we just turn them off. That’s an option, too.

Anyway, we’ll see y’all next week. Have a lovely end of July.