Well, the comic is a little late again, but it was still posted so I guess that’s good.

I was livid when I heard about the alterations to “Return of the Jedi” from Omar. The whole “films are always a work in progress” thing is fine, and I understand that, but George Lucas needed to provide the option to fans who wanted the original on the DVDs. He disrespected the fans that got him to the point where he can pursue his original vision.

I can’t comprehend doing that to your fans. Though I may be late with the thrill (the comic, you cheeky monkey) from time to time, I love all Space Monkeys! fans. You’re always in my thoughts, even when you probably shouldn’t be. For example, the last time I had sex…

Me: Now roll over and pretend you’re a puppy.
Girl: Fair enough.
Me: Oh…Space Monkeys! readers!
Girl: …Meh. I’ve been called much worse —

And that’s pretty much how it is.

See you Monday.