I really hate Web sites that have more excuses than content, and we were always determined not to be That Site, but here it is two more weeks with no new comics and to be perfectly honest, we know that there won’t be a new one for probably about two more.

PJ is swamped in some end-of-semester assignments and I’ve been rehearsing every night for a show in May in addition to my usual overcommittments. Long story short is that he and I are both pretty swamped right now and even doing one simple comic right now is too much; so rather than half-ass it with some crappy work, we’re taking another hiatus. We’re hoping this will be the last one for a very long while. My rehearsals and recaps are over in May and so is PJ’s school year, so this summer should be pretty wide open for some uninterrupted new comics.

Thanks for hanging in there, all three of you. We’ll be back soon, and when we come back, we intend to come back for good.