Thanks to what I can only describe as drawer’s block and a case of epic diarrhea (well I didn’t really have epic diarrhea, I just wanted to make a Scrubs reference) I’ve allowed the worst to happen. We’ve disappeared from here without a trace. Seriously though, there’s a number of reasons for our invisiblity I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear so let’s just put all that behind us and move on with the monkeys. K? We cool? Cool.

Our goal is to just shut up and do comics. Right now there’s nothing we want more. So you can expect a spike in your monkey fix in the coming weeks starting tomorrow. The only thing that might get in the way down the road is we would like to make some changes to the way the site runs to make it more efficient, but that’s all good stuff. So it’s all good from here on out.

I’ve even got some wallpapers coming. You guys remember Murphy and Bartholomew, right?