We’re working on it! Really! Wait, don’t go! don’t…. go….

We were feeling pretty high on ourselves with this ingenious (INGENIOUS!) plan to update the comic on Monday and Wednesday, thereby avoiding the Friday Nobody’s On the Fucking Internet curse that has beplagued us since we started. We do a comic on Friday, releasing it like the end of a sexual cycle, and nobody is there to receive. Much, again, like our sexual cycles.

The trick, and it is a trick, is to pretend that we’re posting our Wednesday comic on Monday, thereby creating the adrenaline rush needed to push the late hours to finish, but then at 7 a.m. going, “Oh, shit, this comic is actually going to be posted on Wednesday! And it’s done already! Silly me!”

The problem is these damnedable brains of ours, poking stories in our own self-scamming, asking intrusive questions like, “Well, if this comic is for Wednesday, then why is it 7 a.m. Monday? Well!?!” And we’re like, “Oh no! We forgot to hide all the clocks!”

My solution: Comic lobotomies. It’ll only hurt for a bit, but I think we’ll get a lot more done.