Don’t worry. Nobody’s getting fired. I finally feel comfortable with reducing the actual size of the comics a bit more. Hopefully, the comics don’t lose any detail as a result.

The change came about because I was tinkering with the site design, and there was no way I could realistically do what I wanted with the comic being as big as it was. I’m sure eventually the comic will shrink some more.

Shrinking of the comics is a big deal for me, if you haven’t noticed. I think we’ve only done it twice. Looking back on the first comic we did, you can see how frickin’ huge that thing is. I believe the first major step down took place here. You can usually tell when we do it because the font is almost agonizingly tiny. That could easily be remedied, but as I’m sure you’ve found out if you’re a loyal reader, I’m pretty lazy.

So, the site change was all about making provisions for renting out advertising space. For now I’m content with just that one space for a tower ad. I might make some more changes down the line to accomodate some banner adds. That shouldn’t be as difficult to do. I think for now we’re going to discriminate and officially only offer our space to webcomics who would like to advertise. However, there’s always exceptions to stuff like that. We’re probably looking at $15/week. E-mail us with any questions.