PJ is without Internet access at home and has been for the last few days and if there’s one thing he can’t live without, it’s Internet access. I picture him, curled up on his bedroom floor, gasping for air like that fish in Faith No More’s “Epic” video. Without Internet access, we’ve had to resort to using phones, a distasteful means of communication as I’m sure you’re aware that necessitates stringing words together with your tongue and mouth and allowing them to travel toward someone’s ear canal. That whole business is just not our thing and not condusive to a working comic-strip relationship.

So, no comic today, but not for lack of ideas. Our Pixies concert trip last week proved to be a fertile event for future strips, so much so that PJ was text messaging the individual ideas to himself like nuggets of gold down an Old West conveyor belt. You see what I mean about the distastefulness of spoken words? They’re so easily forgotten.

New comic soon — we just need to fix this Road Runner crap. (And don’t even get me started on Road Runner e-mail. I don’t even know if it’s accurate to call it ‘e-mail’ anymore. It’s like a dead skunk that’s been fucked to death beyond recognition.