Usually, when PJ and I come up with a comic idea, it comes from a box we share labeled “The Funny.” It sits in a closet and it’s always there whenever we need it. It helps that we keep it online in a central location where we can both get to it. We each have a key, so that’s never a problem.

So imagine our surprise this week when we both went to open the box and not only was the box empty, but a fucking spider that had been lurking under it came and bit us both in the face! First of all, I didn’t know spiders could jump. I know they can spin and swing and all that, but jump? Those legs don’t look very muscular, but this spider leapt like he was made of springs. I think the spider somehow stole The Funny while we were both clutching our faces, screaming.

Which is all to say that because our shipment of The Funny wasn’t delivered in a timely manner, there’s no Space Monkeys! comic today. Yeah, I know. We’re pissed too. I’ve been spending the whole morning chewing out our Funny supplier on the phone, trying to figure out who dropped the fucking ball here. The guy I talked to was brazen enough to suggest that PJ and I should be supplying our own fucking Funny! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So, we’re going to try to stock up this weekend so shit doesn’t happen again. And we’re going to spray for spiders. I think my eyebrow is swelling up.