I have to admit that I’ve missed the boat on this whole Braff thing. That’s what I’m calling it. “The Braff thing.” I’m almost certain I would love the man if I had exposure to Scrubs, but they started airing it during my infamous boycott of television.

Garden State did pique my interest, however. I just haven’t had the chance to mosey my ass on over to the nearest theater which is actually showing it here in San Antonio. I actually fear for my life if I don’t see it soon. I’m constantly being bombarded by the cries of disbelief from friends of mine who have seen it, loved it, and can’t believe I haven’t seen it. My evening class last night began with my friend Kristina fielding questions about the soundtrack which she brought to school with her and which I refuse to listen to until I have seen the movie. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the music more if I experience it for the first time as part of the movie-going experience.

So in short, I’m out of the loop. I’m also out of Fruit Loops. Damn.

Once again I’m sorry for the double delay of today’s comic. Everything just sorta pounced on me all at once like Omar spotting Zach Braff out in public, defenseless and without a guard against bodily fluids.

No more missed updates! FRIDAY! Be here.