This is awful. I can barely bring myself to type this because I’m so upset. I threw out my back at work today. I thought painkillers would do the trick, but at this point there’s no way I’d be able to hunch over my WACOM tablet and magically produce a Space Monkeys! strip for you today. So, to summarize, I provide you with this conversation between me and an imaginary Space Monkeys! reader:

Reader: No Space Monkeys! last Friday or today, you say?
Me: ‘Fraid so…you see, my back…
Reader: Fuck your back! Don’t you care about my needs?
Me: Yeah, but…
Reader: Fuck your butt! I want Space Monkeys!
Me: I’m sorry. I really am. Today’s comic will be moved to Wednesday, and I’ll make it up to you with a bonus strip next Wednesday. Let’s just say it’ll be…gravy.
Reader: I love you.
Me: I love me too.

Come back Wednesday for the monkeys I know you so desperately crave. No tease this time. I promise.