Rebecca and I saw Napoleon Dynamite a few weeks ago. We’ve been so busy house-hunting and working that it’s one of the few entertainment pleasures we’ve gotten to enjoy recently. It was much funnier than I expected. I knew it would be cute; I didn’t know it would be cracking us up.

The strangest thing about it for us is that we were maybe the oldest people in the theater. Everybody in the packed house was like 17-20 years old, around PJ’s age, and I got the uncomfortable feeling that they weren’t just laughing with people of my generation (parachute pants, fro-hair, mullets, Pro-Wings shoes), but laughing at us. PJ and I know there’s a slight generation gap between us, but nowhere is it more pronounced than when people his age are laughing at people my age (the ripe old number 29).

Anyway, like PJ said, we’re taking a bit of a break; we’ve done 15 strips, more than I ever dreamed we could do in such a short time, and with my crazy work schedule lately and PJ’s going back to school (gotta get your degree on. You go!), we’re gonna try to get some normalcy back in our lives before we entangle them further with monkey expoits. See you in a week and a half!