I’ve done a number of things since posting the comic this morning – the last being this here post. The first of which was adding a conspiciously absent tail in the third panel of today’s strip. I keep forgetting that damn tail! So for future reference, if you ever notice it missing again, I’m a dumbass.

Some of the other things I did today had more to do with things that benefit you. I’ve already completed another wallpaper, which I mentioned I might try to do in my last post if I had time. I’m going to hold off on releasing it until we do a strip in the near future which might better explain it, much like we did with theBobbo wallpaper.

I’ve also already made the link buttons and banner ads. Those should be up along with Monday’s comic. I’m going to run them by Omar (who’s off doing LCP things this weekend) before I post them, lest they meet his disapproval and he pokes me with a very sharp stick. A very sharp stick.

And finally, another good thing for you guys. I went back through all the comics and converted them into gifs, which reduced the files sizes considerably. See, dial-uppers, I don’t hate you afterall. I’m just very bad about optimizing stuff. I’ve also been trying to figure out the best way to start making the actual size of the strips smaller. The big problem there is that I draw very tiny by habit. I’ll see what I can do about that.

Well, see you all Monday.