We’ve been slowly making our way through the Oscar-nominated movies. We’ve both seen Juno, No Country and There Will Be Blood and I’ve got Eastern Promises on tap in my DVD player.

All three of the ones I’ve seen were finely crafted, hugely entertaining and easily movies you could make a case for to win the big prize. (Well, maybe not Juno, which feels a bit slight next to the others, but it’s a damn sight better than Little Miss Sunshine was last year.)

PJ and I both marveled at the implausible, but frightening weaponry in No Country. Say what you will about whether a silenced shotgun is feasible or not, but whenever that gun game out, it still scared the crap out of me. The movie is a fine tension machine, expertly oiled and designed to keep you on edge. I hope poor Joe got to see it before his untimely end.