I had a really great excuse to play “Halo 3” — I was reviewing it for work. Getting paid to play video games. Pretty sweet, right?

Not so much — I only had two days to play it, which is a tremendous amount of pressure given how much slogging through the single player is involved. One thing I hate about this series is that sometimes it takes me 10 or 15 times to get past one part and it always seems to start me right back to the hardest part when I get killed. That happened a lot with this one.

PJ was nice enough to co-op with me, which is a much more fun, much easier experience. We rocked a few levels and I felt pretty comfortable having a sense of the game.

The multiplayer is pretty much unmatched. It’s fantastic for a console. (PC gamers, feel free to yawn.)

Aw for Master Chief in space, I like think Meany would give the same hero worship to Samus (though, he wouldn’t know she was a lady, I’m sure), or to Gordon Freeman, or, Hell, even to Mario and Luigi. I think when it comes to celebrities up close and person, Meany’s probably easily impressed.