It’s rare that I get to see a movie on opening weekend, but I was determined to see this one, which Pablo and I had both been anticipating for months. Years, really, since the criminally under-appreciated Children of Men blew our asses out of our chairs and it became clear that Alfonso Cuarón was the real deal. We didn’t know it would be such a long wait for his next movie or that the wait would be so well-rewarded.

They hype for this movie is already so… well, sky-high, that you don’t need me adding to the chorus. It’s nice to not have to shout from the rooftops when something is as amazing as this that within a week, there was already a backlash about how accurate the space stuff is or whether it really lives up to the critical praise.

I just know that this little 90-minute IMAX 3-D miracle amazed me, transported me, took me to places I’d never been before and did it with a skill we just don’t see very often.  It’s going to be very easy to forget that as the weeks and months roll by the nuances of what we felt in that theater, but I know that my wife and the rest of the audience I saw it with experienced something new and unique. Don’t let the backlash convince you that this is just another shiny new thing that people like and that you can safely ignore. It’s not to be missed.