I have not seen Avatar yet, either in IMAX 3-D or in its stripped down, bare-assed, 2-D equivalent.

My wife and I had a baby last month (yay!), which means we haven’t had time to travel an hour to go see a 3-hour+ movie (booo!). I suppose we could sneak a breast pump into an IMAX theater, but at what cost, I ask you. At what cost?

Even though I haven’t seen it, the moment I heard there was an element called “Unobtanium” that people are trying to obtain in this movie, I thought, “For fuck’s sake, did a 12-year-old write this?”

I’m not sure a 12-year-old would be so on-the-nose about such things. Not in 2010. That is why we have James Cameron.

This is the first comic we’ve done in a long while (they were, apparently, Unobtanium’d) as we’ve been busy with “Trailers Without Pity,” but we hope to do a few more at least before we’re back on that video grind.