I didn’t watch this week’s Octomom special, but I did see her on one of the prime time news magazines a while back and was stunned to the point of speechlessness by what I saw. It was sad then and it’s even sadder now that the level of delusion and crazy has been more fully revealed. I have one kid and multiplying that by 14 fills me with the kind of terror that drains my marrow and liquefies my brain.

Anyhoo, this comic is a little late due to various new projects, jobs and computer upgrades we’ve been doing. PJ has been building a new monster computer, I started a new Web site and we’ve both been busy working on various job things. But we have a few comic scripts in the can (well, two, including this one) and now that the computer upgrade is done, expect strips more often.

One other thing to mention: though I’m sure he’s happy up on that ship, I imagine Bobbo had a pretty interesting life back on Slaaaa, despite the number of sleeping and lazy sloths there who might have made it seem less so. I always like hearing about what his life was like back there.