As PJ says, we were lucky enough to score tickets to the premiere (PJ stood in line and got them; he’s awesome like that).

I think there’s a very cool, mind-bendy 1 1/2 hour movie inInland Empire that could easily have been carved into a semi-cohesive narrative, but that’s very obviously not what David Lynch is about these days and that’s both frustrating and incredibly inspiring. The movie, as an experience, is without peer. But like most roller coaster rides, some people simply won’t abide it, won’t get on, won’t risk the nausea.

To echo some of the reviews, the movie is to be studied, maybe to be learned from. For all the confusing and sometimes extraneous moments in the movie, there are bits that are wholly original, that easily stand on their own, that evoke sensations that you simply don’t get from 99.9999 percent of other movies.

Meany, obviously, gets his mind blown by such things.