I’m not sure what to make of this New York Times article.

I’m sure people much smarter than me about Web comics will have plenty to say about the author’s apparent lack of understanding about online comics, their history or their appeal (for readers and authors).

What keeps getting repeated in the article is the whole “Feel of the page” bullshit that frankly I just don’t get. I love books and I love comic books, but when it comes to my daily comics, I’d much rather see them in color online than in their shrunken, black and white form as they appear in most newspapers (mine included).

And while the article touches briefly on payment structures online, she fails to note how much more convenient it is to find your favorite comic online (and to follow it over time through its archive) than to hunt for old newspaper issues or to go to the comic book store and buy a book of them.

I’m not even going to start about how much easier it is to create and publish a comic online than to try to get your comic into a newspaper or independently print publish.

So… I dunno. This feels like a review of an entire genre of art from an outsider, and while it’s interesting, it really isn’t particularly insightful or relevant to the comics community.

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