I love actual comic books and strips as much as the next guy, but I’d have to agree with Omar that and Mr. McCloud about the future of comics being online. Any issues a reader has with being able to see the comic on the website comfortably are the artist’s fault entirely. The issue with going online with a comic is that either the artist or someone very close to them has to know some web design. We’re lucky in this respect that I happened to have a bit of thirst for code when I first started out blogging.

I think there are a lot of neat things that people could do with their comics just based on a few things that I’ve seen. There was this Hellboy comic which I thought was really cool with its interactive qualities. I’ve seen some comics that use animation in minimal ways like here and here. If I remembered how to use Flash effectively, you could be sure that we would experiment a little more here at Space Monkeys!

I’m just very optimistic about the future of webcomics. I got to reading a thread on the Buzzcomix forums about whether it’s likely there’ll ever be another webcomic phenomenon like Penny-Arcade or if the medium will ever be more recognized as a staple of entertainment along with film, television, and books. I think that its accessibility and the fact that for the most part people are doing this free of charge just in hopes of having their stuff seen are things that are really going to help down the line. Most webartists that I know of are very cool people and I think the community as a whole has very good intentions. So we’ll just have to see.