Alternate last lines for this comic that PJ and I couldn’t decide whether to use or not:


“Aggggh……find a werewolf!”

“Aggghhh — get my moon shield!”

“Agghh — the heavens have failed me again!”

“Aggghh — there is no dark side of the moon!”

“Why are you laughing, death!?!”

“Agggghhh! Bring me back a better scientist!”

“Aggghhh! How could I have ever predicted the phases of the moon!?”

“Agggghhh!! This is my ides of March in August!”

“Agghh! my pain eclipses the moon!”

“Aggghhh! Bring me back as competent in my next life!”

“Agghh! Carl Sagan, I’m coming home!”

“Aggghhh! Why do the zombies find me so tasty!?”

“Agggghh!! Would that my pain receptors were the dead ones!”

“Agggghhh! Patent my lunar-powered zombie when I’m gone!!”

“Aggghh! Patent my lunar-powered zombie and burn the proceeds!”

… “and reanimate the proceeds!”

“Aggghh! My legacy is doomed to fail as well!”

“Agggh! my only regret is this zombie!”