How do you like our new site design?

I would love to take credit for it. Would love that. But I can’t. I mean, I can. But I won’t.

PJ worked his ass off for the last several weeks, learning PHP, CSS and all that mumbo jumbo to get this all going.

The upshot is that instead of spending forever updating the site, links, archive and all that every time we post a new comic, all we do is essentially flip a switch, type some stuff, and boom. Shit’s all updated and pretty. Which in essence means that this flurried amount of work these last two weeks are so that PJ doesn’t really ever have to work again. I think he’ll say that it was a fair trade-off.

New comic is coming later today. PJ was working on it last night, but I think he had a bad case of the sleepies, probably at an ungodly a.m. hour.