Yeah, I fell asleep because of some cold medicine I’m taking. I fucking fell asleep with a cough drop in my mouth. A cough drop!

So, yeah, this is our new site design. Pretty, huh? We’ve also updated the About Us and Links pages. The Story as well as the Hot Stuff pages will be undergoing massive changes in the next couple weeks, but until then they both remain functional.

Sadly, this new set-up has done away with our comments capability and we weren’t able to bring over old comments on the older newsposts. We may try to remedy this in the future, but for now we’d just like to thank everyone who commented in the past.

Also, some of the older comics had to be reduced in size to fit in our layout. So some of them might be a little difficult to read. I think I may go back and add links to larger versions of the comics in the newsposts.

But yeah…a lot of work has already gone into this, and for now I’m just going to focus on bringing you comics.

So take a look around. Make yourself at home.